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Bill Masure

With 25 years of experience in television news, Bill Masure has enjoyed sharing an endless variety of stories through words, pictures and sound. A career photojournalist, Masure has spent more than 20 years at CBS-owned KCNC-TV in Denver, where...

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Tanis Bula

A native of Iowa, Tanis Bula received her Bachelor of Science at Iowa State University, studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and has taken many workshops including Charles Reid and Jim Kosvanec. Her first job was as package designer for...

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Greg Thow

Working in television since 1986, I've pointed my fair share of studio cameras at people and things. Whether I was operating it as a studio crew member, or directing others later on as a show director, I never gave it a second thought that it...

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Greg Romero

My name is Greg Romero and I thank you for taking time to view my art. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing it as much as I have in creating it. I am currently incarcerated in prison and have been since the age of seventeen in 1995. Basically I've...

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