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Artist Profile

Greg Romero

Biography :

My name is Greg Romero and I thank you for taking time to view my art. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing it as much as I have in creating it. I am currently incarcerated in prison and have been since the age of seventeen in 1995. Basically I've grown up in prison. I earned my GED shortly after arriving here. My love of art came at a young age watching my father. I taught myself art in prison and it is a way of escaping this place and allowing me to enjoy other places in my mind. My latest accomplishment is teaching art to a group of men, which has been an awesome experience. I specialize in portraits and love drawing people and faces. The money I earn from my art helps my wife of ten years to support us by sending me money, our visits, my clothing that is not provided and a lot more. It makes me feel that I am pulling my weight as her husband and helping the household. If you are interested in having a portrait done from a photograph please make arrangements with Art of Life Gallery who will let me know what you would like. Thank you and God bless.

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